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Lucy Steiner

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Be Loud! Sophie Foundation

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…Be loud
And move with grace
Explode with light
Have no fear…

Sophie Steiner wrote those powerful words when she was just 13, words which her family and friends agree perfectly capture her fearless nature and zest for life. Sadly, they proved too prophetic, as Sophie was diagnosed with cancer a year later. Sophie spent the next 10 months in and out of hospitals before passing away at age 15. But she didn’t go quietly. Before her death Sophie said something in a voice so loud that a lot of people listened and responded. In fact her voice was so strong that her mother, Lucy Steiner, will make sure it’s heard for a very long time.

This is what Sophie felt needed to be said loud enough so others would pay attention…

When she was in the hospital, Sophie was disappointed that all the medical care and services were geared solely toward kids or adults. Nothing seemed aimed at making the stay more pleasant for people in her age group—teens and young adults. Anything Sophie was really interested in—such as yoga or social media to stay in contact with her friends—wasn’t available. It was bad enough that she was stuck there, but the lack of activities for someone her age made it worse.

Before she passed away Sophie expressed a desire to help other young people diagnosed with cancer by reminding them not to lose themselves to the darkness of the disease.

At Sophie’s wake her family requested that people, if they wished, donate to a fund set up to follow Sophie’s wishes. Not expecting much, the Steiner’s were stunned to discover that their community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, donated $70,000. Sophie’s family used this blessing as something they could build upon at a time when they were looking for a way forward—a way that would honor Sophie’s passions and interests.

So, in 2013, Lucy and her husband, Nicklaus established the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation which funds integrative medicine and offers support for adolescent and young adult cancer patients and their families, in whatever manner they require.

Her daughter may be gone but Lucy knows that every single person who the Foundation helps can still hear Sophie loud and clear.

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