Ann McGee

Ann McGee

Miracle Flights for Kids

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Miracle Flights for Kids

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Ann McGee recognized the need for the coordination of aviation services that could provide no-cost transportation for blood, donor organs, and sick children to medical facilities around the country. Out of this realization, Ann McGee founded Miracle Flights for Kids to provide families with free flights to hospitals and treatment centers they could otherwise not reach because of financial hardship.

Through her vision and dedication, the program grew from a mere handful of flights for local kids into a nationwide effort that helps boys and girls from all corners of the country. Through these miracle missions, Ann McGee has stood true to her belief that money should never stand in the way of children getting to the best possible medical treatment—no matter how far away it might be.

About Miracle Flights for Kids

The mission of Miracle Flights for Kids® is to improve access to healthcare by providing financial assistance for medical air travel to hospitals across America, to promote awareness of its services through targeted outreach programs and to enlist the help of community-minded people through a strategic call to action.

Miracle Flights for Kids assures families with limited financial resources that their sick child is not without options. It also encourages parents to seek out nationally recognized doctors who specialize in their child’s disease or rare disorder and to get second opinions. Miracle Flights for Kids believes a second opinion is an important part of determining the best treatment options available.

The vision to help children in need, at a time in their young lives when other avenues of help and hope are closed to them, came from thousands of donors and volunteers across the nation.

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