Elizabeth Roelfs

Elizabeth Roelfs

Diller Community Foundation

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 Diller Community Foundation

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P.O. Box 14
Diller, NE 68342
(305) 371-3331


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Elizabeth Roelfs, a member of the Diller Community Foundation, has an unmatched desire to help children get ahead in life.  Elizabeth has been assisting causes in her community since youth.  It has been her life-long focus to create pride in her community and improve the lives of all who live there.  She is also a special education teacher at Diller-Odell Elementary School.  Elizabeth also coordinates and helps run a summer reading program and a Big Buddies Little Buddies program, pairing young students with older student mentors. 

As a member of the Diller Community Foundation and Diller Development Team, Elizabeth helps the organization focus on getting their community to bring new residents and jobs to the area for the future of the Diller children.  It is her goal to have Diller continue to grow in population and jobs, making it the best town it can be for future generations.

About The Diller Community Foundation

The Diller Community Foundation focuses on improving the community area for the future of the Diller children. Funds from the Diller Community Foundation support local youth programs, like the youth recruitment to the community and helping kids purchase uniforms and school supplies. The foundation is currently working with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship on a youth recruitment project.  Most recently, a survey was completed by all students of Diller-Odell High School and will be used to determine the needs and desires of the youth in the community. Both adults and youth of the Diller Community will work together to gain further insight to job opportunities in the community and also to help youth develop entrepreneurship skills. The project aims to give youth a voice in the community plans and projects.

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