Cheryl Sesnon

Cheryl Sesnon

Jubilee Women’s Center

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Jubilee Women’s Center

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620-18th Avenue E.,
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 957-4392


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Cheryl Sesnon, Executive Director, is dedicated to assisting people to find a pathway out of hopelessness and into lives of hope and fulfillment. Life challenges in Cheryl’s own personal history created a calling to work in the nonprofit sector. Because of these experiences, Cheryl deeply believes—and understands—that with time, determination and support, great life changes are not only possible but inevitable.

She cherishes the opportunity to reach out to women to help them begin a new path in life, as people did for her when she needed it.  Cheryl’s door is always open (often 12 hours a day), to provide an ear for residents when they hit a rough patch, or cheerlead as they find successes big and small along their journey out of homelessness.

About Jubilee Women’s Center

Jubilee Women’s Center is committed to helping women in crisis transform their lives, leaving their homeless situation behind—permanently. Jubilee believes in providing a vulnerable population of single, homeless women, who are often left behind, with the tools and individualized attention to help them rebuild their lives. In addition to safe and dignified community housing, Jubilee provides technology and life skills training, one-on-one care management and a free clothing boutique for approximately 50 single homeless women to transition into sustainable, independent living every year. They serve an additional 1,300 women with their one-on-one technology coaching, open computer lab, personalized referral services and free clothing boutique.  Since its founding in 1983, Jubilee has transformed the lives of hundreds of women, ending the cycle of poverty, domestic violence and homelessness.

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