Helen McGovern

Helen McGovern

Emergency Food Network (EFN)

Harlequin More Than Words 2012 Nominee - Helen McGovern

Emergency Food Network (EFN)

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3318 92nd Street South
Tacoma, WA 98499
(253) 584-1040


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Two years ago Helen ended her successful career as a commercial Realtor and public servant to transition into nonprofit human services. During these past two years, Helen has served as EFN’s Executive Director, providing the fresh, energetic leadership and vision necessary to successfully guide the organization through this time of economic hardship.

Although food insecurity is a difficult, persistent problem, Helen knows that our community holds the collaborative strength possible to provide vital hunger relief to those in need. Her work is proof that we can effectively tackle difficult problems like hunger and malnutrition through the goodwill of local businesses, schools, foundations, families, church groups and friends in the community.

Helen’s story is inspirational, encouraging others to make similar career transitions into work that combines personal fulfillment and social impact. Helen is proof of the accomplishments and success that are possible when a person steps into a second career that puts their passion to work for the greater good.

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