Gracie Cavnar

Gracie Cavnar

Recipe for Success Foundation

Harlequin More Than Words Recipients 2010 - Gracie Cavnar

Recipe for Success Foundation

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Ever tried to feed a child quinoa with grilled chicken, roasted root vegetable soup, whole wheat muffins and a green salad? Gracie Cavnar has, and not only did the kids try it, many cleaned their plates.

Gracie is the energetic and passionate founder of the Recipe for Success Foundation, a Houston-based charitable organization with a singular goal of combating childhood obesity by changing the way children eat and think about the food on their fork. Over 3,000 children spend several hours each month planting gardens at school, tending to their plants and cooking up a batch of healthy, delicious food they eat together come harvest time.

This Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education© program Cavnar designed has transformed the lives of over 12,000 of Houston’s most needy kids one carrot at a time.

In an era when nearly 32% of American children are overweight or obese, Gracie is certain she couldn’t have chosen a better time to take action.

Processed food is the first thing she wants to kick out of children’s diets. And she’s convinced–through personal experience and by watching students change their eating habits since launching Recipe for Success Foundation in 2005–that all children have the capacity to eat well.

Today the foundation has eighteen employees and several hundred volunteers, including more than sixty top chefs who donate their time to the Chef’s Advisory Board and work with the children through the Chefs in Schools© program. Classes have expanded to include after–school and summer camps and her Seed–to–Plate Nutrition Education© program is launching affiliates in cities across America.

"I’ve lived my whole life this way so I know you can get kids to eat good food. They don’t just automatically turn it down. It’s all about presentation and making it fun," Cavnar says.

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