Ruth Renwick

Ruth Renwick

Inside The Dream

More Than Words Program Award Recipients 2007 – Ruth Renwick

Inside The Dream

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Imagine you’re a seventeen-year-old high school student. You’ve worked hard, done well and now you’re about to graduate. Your classmates are looking forward to the graduation festivities, but for you, the prospects do not look promising. There’s nothing in your closet remotely suitable to wear for the occasion, and no money to buy what you need.

Three years ago Ruth Renwick decided to do something about this. A social worker in metropolitan Toronto’s Peel region, she was accustomed to helping people in all sorts of troubling situations. So when a fellow social worker, Tracey Ciccarelli-Ridsdill, called to ask for help for a single mother whose daughter could not afford to attend her graduation, Ruth went home and ransacked her closets for something suitable.

Helping that girl was the beginning of Inside The Dream, a nonprofit organization that Ruth set up to assist high school graduates in straitened circumstances. Since that day, she has helped hundreds of young people realize their dream of graduating alongside their peers.

As a social worker, Ruth sees all kinds of people in need—so why this particular cause? “I’m a mother,” she says simply. “I know what it means to young people to want to celebrate something they have accomplished. It’s one of the first big events in your life. I want to help them create memories.” And so, with meticulous care, she creates the opportunity for each one of them to be a prince or princess for the day.

By persistence and persuasion, Ruth is helping to build precious memories for young people who would otherwise be deprived of a pleasure others take for granted. She wants everyone she meets to become involved. “If you can’t give me anything yourself,” she tells people, “you have friends who might be able to.”

It’s not just a request for help—it’s an invitation to come Inside The Dream.

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