P.K. Beville

P.K. Beville

Second Wind Dreams

More Than Words Program Award Recipients 2005 – P.K. Beville

Second Wind Dreams

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Second Wind Dreams is a non-profit organization that fulfills the dreams of those living in elder-care communities—improving their lives and changing society’s perceptions of aging.

Paula Kay (P.K.) Beville, began Second Wind Dreams with the goal of bringing seniors to the forefront of our society and making them feel what they are—special. Since 1997, Second Wind Dreams has made dreams come true in over 400 facilities in 41 states, Canada and India.

P.K. is a trailblazer in her passion to bring something positive to nursing homes and develop ways to improve them. For the past twenty-four years P.K. has designed and implemented mental health services that are currently provided to more than 800 nursing homes throughout the United States. She co-authored Second Wind, an uplifting, heartwarming look at people in nursing homes, and she worked with seniors in nursing homes as a psychologist for over 20 years.

The idea for Second Wind Dreams came when P.K. asked some nursing home residents, "If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?" The answers were small and relatively simple requests, such as a new dress to attend a church group. P.K. realized that the hopes and dreams of residents were so simple, and she was determined to make these dreams a reality.

Second Wind Dreams and their affiliates makes possible about three dreams a day-from something as simple as a cup holder for a wheelchair to a cross-country reunion between brothers who haven’t seen one another in forty years.

P.K. believes that the ability to dream is a life-affirming experience that can transform lives. She is so touched by each dream she witnesses that it is like having her dream fulfilled as well. Second Wind Dreams is changing the perception of aging…one dream at a time.

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