June Nielsen

June Nielsen

Quilts from Caring Hands

More Than Words Program Award Recipients 2004 – June Neilsen

Quilts from Caring Hands

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946 Circle Blvd. #238
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: (541) 758-8161


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It is not often that a charitable outreach program blankets an entire community, but in June Nielsen’s group, they have achieved just that. In an effort to make a difference and give a heartfelt gift, June formed Quilts from Caring Hands.

Affected deeply by an article on infants born with AIDS, and it being impossible to physically reach out and hold each child in crisis, June Nielsen did the next best thing. She and three friends began making quilts and donating them to centers, shelters and institutions for children in need. Recipients included The Children’s Farm home, a center for emotionally disturbed children, and Child Welfare – State of Oregon; the 1st year, one hundred quilts were distributed.

The children the quilts help are as varied as the fabrics themselves. Multi-textured quilts are created for visually impaired children and for children with special needs. Because the quilts are handcrafted, each child is given a uniquely compassionate gift.

A small group of four women trying to help has grown to 60 women making a difference. Since she began Quilts from Caring Hands in 1990, June Nielsen has seen her idea grow to include public-speaking engagements, chairing a community outreach program, demonstrations at the state fair, a web site and fund-raising responsibilities. June is always welcoming new people into the group, and she is quick to reassure new members that they don’t need to be expert quilters. A desire to help is really all it takes. Since its inception, Quilts from Caring Hands has donated over 5,000 quilts to more than a dozen social service agencies serving children in crisis in its community.

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