Dena Wortzel

Dena Wortzel

The Motheread/Fatheread Family Literacy Program

More Than Words Program Award Recipients 2004 – Dena Wortzel

The Motheread/ Fatheread Family Literacy Program

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c/o Wisconsin Humanities Council
222 S. Bedford St., Suite F
Madison, WI
Phone: 608-263-5593


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Imagine a place where parents come together to read and talk about books, and through analyzing stories and characters, think through the challenges that face them as parents. Imagine that in this place, parents develop better reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Imagine that when they leave this place, they take with them books and ideas to share with their children by reading and talking about great children’s books as a family.

The Motheread/Fatheread training program prepares educators, librarians, social services professionals and others how to teach classes for parents. Through these Motheread/Fatheread parent classes, adults improve their own literacy skills while growing as parents and learning how to read with their children as a way to improve family communication as well as their children’s own literacy skills.

In Wisconsin, Motheread/Fatheread is coordinated by the Wisconsin Humanities Council, one of over a dozen state humanities councils that work in partnership with Motheread Inc. to promote an approach to family literacy that has been recognized by Laubach Literacy International, the Barbara Bush Foundation, and a Presidential Humanities Medal.

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